Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life through Cambria's lens

Cambria has her own camera and she takes pictures with it around the house on a daily basis. 
It was handed down to her from her Aunt Katie. 
Tonight I uploaded the 200+ pictures she's taken and I just HAD to share some of them.  
My 2 year old is a photographer already, I'm a proud mama ;)
"Myspace pic"
lots of the pictures are self portraits like this one.
our house + her hair
her dragonfly necklace, the dragonfly is missing a set of wings
mama on the phone
of course blankie has to be included
emo cambria
scary, drooly  close-ups of brother
nice angle on this one cam
one of brother eating
something red...I'm thinking this was one of her birthday balloons.
Tangled, her current favorite movie, and mine too :)

her favorite
onions from the garden + my foot
her view from inside the crib
crossed legs
cutie pie :)
{Cambria seriously took every single one of these pictures!!}


  1. Perfectly priceless! What a cutie pie!

  2. Adorable... and now I REALLY want to watch Tangled!

  3. I took the one of Tangled... oops haha. She was having trouble so I helped her out!