Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Best Day

Tuesday was one of the best days. One of those days filled with just pure joy and happiness. Everything went smoothly, everyone was in good spirits, and we were spontaneous. It was perfection! The weather was beautiful, so Amber and I decided to make the most of the gorgeous day with a trip to Oatland Island for their Toddler Tuesday program. I love Oatland Island because it has such a natural, loving atmosphere. The program that day was about butterflies and their life cycle. Cambria and Ezra enjoyed listening to the songs and books and had fun doing the crafts. After the program, we ventured out to explore the animals and the trails.  
Super Aunt :) 

There were TONS of kids!
sharing a banana with sister
and sharing an apple with brother 
butterfly craft time!

my whole heart right there <3
the wolves were super active, it was awesome! 
Nursin' in the Ergo, what's new? :)
As we we were driving back through downtown Savannah the atmosphere felt so fun and there were tons of people, so we decided to hangout longer and get some pizza at Vinnie's. Vinnie's didn't open until 4, so we walked to see the green fountains to pass the time. Savannah around St Patrick's Day is just buzzing with excitement!  The kids LOVE being downtown. So much to see, hear and do! After pizza, the kids wanted to play in the fountains in Ellis Square. Luckily I had some extra clothes in the car. :) After the fountain, we enjoyed some gelato while we danced and listened to live music. It was the perfect end to the day. Ezra and Avett fell asleep in about two seconds and Cambria chatted the whole way home, typical. 
the green fountain was very tempting for Ezra 

waiting on the best pizza ever 
we love spending time with Aunt Amber 

can you spot Cambria and Ezra?!
Ezra was SO cold, but continued to play anyway 

lovies and their gelato 
Something I want to remember from the day--While we were in the bathroom together, Ezra and I were talking about babies and growing up and I said to him "Ezra, now you are a kid and maybe one day you'll grow to be an adult!" to which he replied so genuinely, "I want to be a Dad."  It was so  sweet. I think I'll always remember it. <3 I loved spending the day my babies and my little sissy Amber, it was the best!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kyle is 27!

Last Tuesday Kyle turned 27! It's crazy to think that the first birthday I celebrated with him was his 17th. A lot of things have changed since then! I try and make birthdays special for the people I love, and I think his birthday turned out to be a lovely day. Kyle left work early, so we ventured out to Forsyth Park for a few hours followed by dinner at Molly's and then finally, cake.
We left him some doughnuts, a balloon and a Starbucks gift card so he'd have a surprise when he left for work in the morning. 
While he was at work, I baked his birthday cake. Chocolate fudge brownie cake, choclate chip cookie dogh icing with cookie dough bites baked inside. YUM!
Time for some presents!
birthday boy<3
Forsyth Park

C and E were there as well, but didn't end in any pictures for some reason.. :) 


Happy Birthday Kyle!!!
I hope we made you feel special and loved <3