Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two years

Yesterday Kyle and I celebrated two years of marriage!

Two years seems like so long ago. We only had Cambria, we were just graduating from school, and we were in the process of moving to Richmond Hill.  Lots has happened since May 30, 2010. 

Yesterday started out normal until Kyle surprised me with flowers at the Mommy Bootcamp class I do at Forsyth Park.  It was such a genuinely nice thing for him to do and I had to try and hold back a few tears.  Kyle can be so sweet to me and I really appreciate it when he does special things like that. We got some pizza at Your Pie for lunch and it was delicious. 

Little did Kyle know, I had a surprise in the works for him as well.  I asked one of his friends/co-workers Jason to take us on a short airplane ride.  Jason flies planes as a hobby and he's a nice guy so I figured he wouldn't mind, which he didn't. :) After leaving the kids with Mimi, I texted Kyle right as he was leaving work to meet me at the address of where the plane was.  He was so surprised to see me and Jason there waiting for him.  We took a short flight around Savannah and got to see downtown and Tybee.  I'm not a huge airplane person so I was a nervous wreck the entire time and asked a million stupid questions.  Let's just say I breathed a huge sigh of relief once we were back on land.  Jason was an excellent pilot and I was so appreciative that he did this for us. 
getting the plane ready
checking things out inside
just before takeoff
right after we got in the air. i love that you can see the plane's shadow in this picture
Kyle's view
Downtown Savannah
me, secretly freaking out on the inside
Kyle having a blast
it was a tight squeeze, but still very comfortable
Tybee, the pier
pilot + his passengers
after the flight
the boys
After the flight, we got dinner at Leoci's.  This too was an amazing meal, definitely recommend it.
I got Kyle two ties as well
So overall the day was perfect and Kyle and I both enjoyed celebrating it together.  I'm so happy to be experiencing life with such a kind, patient and understanding person. I love you Kyle! <3

And just for fun, here's the wedding slideshow from our wedding.

Monday, May 28, 2012

May so far

 Here's a little of what we've been doing this month.
Another Savannah Slow Ride to celebrate my sister-in-law Katelyn and mother-in-law Sibyl's shared birthday.
Buying GIGANTIC kale from the farmers market.
Going for walks.
Being divas.
Looking for alligators at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge.
Buying a new-to-us commuting car for Kyle. A 98' Honda Accord.
Hanging out with friends.
Lots of mommy bootcamps at Forsyth Park.
A well check-up with our favorite pediatrician.  {photo taken by Cambria}

Picking our crazy Swiss chard.
And realizing eating it fresh from the dirt isn't a tasty idea.

Celebrating my dad's 55th birthday with presents, cake and a Sand Gnats game.
Picking pounds and pounds of strawberries.
And watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies, then releasing to the world.
It's been a pretty good month so far, this May 2012.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mailbox Makeover

We've disliked our mailbox area since moving into our house over a year ago.  And let me just say, time flies and I cannot believe we've already been living here for over a year! Back to the was boring, messy and just plain ugly. There are lots of projects we want to do outside {and inside} of our house, but with two small children and a budget we aren't able to do every project now...or ever. But the mailbox was one thing on the top of our list. We look at it everyday when we pull in and out of our driveway, so it was hard to ignore. First let me show you how it looked before we made any changes.
overgrown and messy

das our house!
 Kyle first cut, ripped and pulled everything out.  We felt kinda bad killing all of the plants, but I don't think there would've been a way to save them.
This is what the area looked like after everything was out. 

We planted new flowering plants, added richer soil, made a border, and painted the mailbox and post. And the final outcome.....
yep, bright yellow :)

I LOVE the changes.  The flowers have started blooming and growing more since this picture was taken and they look SO MUCH BETTER than the old shrubbery.  We went with the yellow because we wanted something bright and different.  I've been unsure of the color, but I think we've finally decided to keep it. We may be painting our door a lovely yellow color to match...  Overall, we are thrilled about the changes! It makes me happy seeing the new mailbox area everyday when we're outside.  We live in a neightboorhood with lots of older, more established families so I wonder what they think about our new mailbox color, but really we like it so that's all we care about. haha :) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Grandma with Ezra in New York, June 2011
Mimi with Ezra at his first birthday party.
Just wanted to say a little Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom and mother-in-law. 
And to all mothers. 
As much as this holiday is a happy one, I always think of those who experience sadness on this day. 
I thought of those people today as well. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Everyday

I love this picture.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ezra At 14 Months

Ezzy in super cute baby leggings
 This boy. 
He's a walkin', talkin' little toddler now. 
It's crazy how that stuff happens overnight. 
He's saying tons of words: lots of animal sounds, Daddy, Mimi, balloon, paci {dee-dee}, bubbles, water, hello, more, go and more I can't think of right now. 
And he knows five signs as well: more, all done, sleep, bath and eat.
 Ezra is waaaaay more verbal than Cambria was at this age and that girl was talking up a storm by 2! 
I can't imagine what he'll be doing.
 It's funny how babies develop at such different rates. 
Ezra is saying new words every day, but he just started walking at 14 months. 
Although, I am glad he waited so long to walk because he was good and ready when he finally did and he's had zero bad falls so far. 
Ezra seems to have a love of learning new things just like Cambria does.
 But really, I think all babies love to learn, it's just a matter of teaching them on their own terms.
 And I've found that sometimes you just have to let them learn on their own.
And do things like this....
yes, they did that in about 10 minutes, and yes, Cambria is naked
 It's amazing the things children observe and learn on their own.
Here's a little video of some of the things Ezra knows.

Notice in the video how he responds to me asking if he wants to do signs with a "NO!" 
"No" is his favorite word and he uses it to respond to anything he doesn't or does want. 
He hasn't learned yes yet... :) 
I think Ezra is starting to wean himself.
I'm a little sad because I wanted to nurse him for longer, but it's all up to him and what he's feeling is best so I'm not going to worry about it. 
Gosh I love him <3 
boy on the move