Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mailbox Makeover

We've disliked our mailbox area since moving into our house over a year ago.  And let me just say, time flies and I cannot believe we've already been living here for over a year! Back to the was boring, messy and just plain ugly. There are lots of projects we want to do outside {and inside} of our house, but with two small children and a budget we aren't able to do every project now...or ever. But the mailbox was one thing on the top of our list. We look at it everyday when we pull in and out of our driveway, so it was hard to ignore. First let me show you how it looked before we made any changes.
overgrown and messy

das our house!
 Kyle first cut, ripped and pulled everything out.  We felt kinda bad killing all of the plants, but I don't think there would've been a way to save them.
This is what the area looked like after everything was out. 

We planted new flowering plants, added richer soil, made a border, and painted the mailbox and post. And the final outcome.....
yep, bright yellow :)

I LOVE the changes.  The flowers have started blooming and growing more since this picture was taken and they look SO MUCH BETTER than the old shrubbery.  We went with the yellow because we wanted something bright and different.  I've been unsure of the color, but I think we've finally decided to keep it. We may be painting our door a lovely yellow color to match...  Overall, we are thrilled about the changes! It makes me happy seeing the new mailbox area everyday when we're outside.  We live in a neightboorhood with lots of older, more established families so I wonder what they think about our new mailbox color, but really we like it so that's all we care about. haha :) 

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