Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ezra At 14 Months

Ezzy in super cute baby leggings
 This boy. 
He's a walkin', talkin' little toddler now. 
It's crazy how that stuff happens overnight. 
He's saying tons of words: lots of animal sounds, Daddy, Mimi, balloon, paci {dee-dee}, bubbles, water, hello, more, go and more I can't think of right now. 
And he knows five signs as well: more, all done, sleep, bath and eat.
 Ezra is waaaaay more verbal than Cambria was at this age and that girl was talking up a storm by 2! 
I can't imagine what he'll be doing.
 It's funny how babies develop at such different rates. 
Ezra is saying new words every day, but he just started walking at 14 months. 
Although, I am glad he waited so long to walk because he was good and ready when he finally did and he's had zero bad falls so far. 
Ezra seems to have a love of learning new things just like Cambria does.
 But really, I think all babies love to learn, it's just a matter of teaching them on their own terms.
 And I've found that sometimes you just have to let them learn on their own.
And do things like this....
yes, they did that in about 10 minutes, and yes, Cambria is naked
 It's amazing the things children observe and learn on their own.
Here's a little video of some of the things Ezra knows.

Notice in the video how he responds to me asking if he wants to do signs with a "NO!" 
"No" is his favorite word and he uses it to respond to anything he doesn't or does want. 
He hasn't learned yes yet... :) 
I think Ezra is starting to wean himself.
I'm a little sad because I wanted to nurse him for longer, but it's all up to him and what he's feeling is best so I'm not going to worry about it. 
Gosh I love him <3 
boy on the move

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