Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!! 
from Optimus Prime, Olaf, and Elsa

Friday, August 15, 2014


Today wasn't one of my best days.
I lost my patience, yelled, and threw a few tantrums very similar to the ones my children have. 
Thankfully, my children are forgiving. 
AND they still love me. 
I'm learning and growing right along with them. 
Parenting is a journey and I'm thankful.
Stylist Ezra doing my hair this afternoon.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Happy Father's Day 

Super Dad 
Patient, kind, considerate, loving, joyful, hard-working, gentle, attentive.
I don't think there is much more I could ask for in a dad for my kids. 
As parents, I feel we balance each other out so well, and I am SO thankful our kids have both of us to learn from. 
They'll get their crazy from me and their smarts from you. :)
Thank you for all you do for our kids and our family. 

Dad, you were everything I needed in a dad growing up and now you are a great Grandpa to my kids. 
You've taught me a lot throughout the years and I've always known how much you love me and our family. 
I know the kids will never forget fishing with Grandpa. :) 

Father's Day 2014 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hilton Head Island Adventure

Last weekend we made a trip to Hilton Head Island for the weekend. Kyle and I wanted to travel somewhere and our kids love to experience new places, so we (Kyle) began the hunt on After finding a nice, cheap condo for a very reasonable price for our 3-night stay, we booked it! The trip turned out to be an amazing little getaway. It's only a short drive away and the atmosphere on the island is very relaxed and calm.  We enjoyed swimming in the pools on our resort, biking on the trails that cover the entire island, the beach, the boardwalk and the golf cart shuttle that we could take instead of walking, the local food and ice cream, the nature, and so much more. Our condo was so cozy and comfortable and it was decked out in IKEA everything; it certainly felt like our home away from home.
SO excited to be in Hilton Head and to have a pool right outside our door. 
The elevator was one of the most exciting parts of the trip I think. ;) 

  A little glimpse into our adorable little condo. 

My babies are little fish!

Our first night exploring the boardwalk. 

Love these dudes. 
Cambria could live at the beach. 
He was so ready to ride that boogie board. 
We LOVED riding our rental bikes. We will be purchasing bikes of our own ASAP!

Pure joy riding on the beautiful trails on the Island. 
 Harris Teeter has a dinosaur you can ride for just 1 cent. They each got to ride it twice and loved every second. I wish grocery stores around here had something like it! 

My Unshoes arrived in the mail just in time for the trip. I am loving them so far. 
I started p90x3 just two days before we left for the trip and so I had to squeeze that in each day. I know this picture is embarrassing, but I want to remember this part of the trip too. :) 
Everyone loved riding the bikes. 

This boy, always in the Ergo. 
Checking out some crabs in the marsh.  
The beach in the evening is magical. 
Avett on the beach <3

We struggle to get family pictures, but on this trip we took several! 
The next day was much cooler, so our cold-natured Ezra had to bundle up. 
"Mommy, will you take a picture of me and Daddy in the water?"

It was super chilly, but this tough girl still rode some waves on the boogie board. 

Both the boys had fevers and were very tired by our fourth day and they both took 3 hour long naps. 
One last bike ride before leaving the island. 

The ice cream at this place was delicious! 

Of course in true Finnegan fashion we got home way later than we had planned because of a Kroger trip that took about an hour longer than expected. It all worked out though because Cambria and Ezra got some Starbucks and everyone fell asleep on the way home. This trip was such a rejuvenating and inspiring experience and we can't wait to go back!