Monday, July 25, 2011

Photo Booth

Me and the babies {and now Kyle} are here hanging out at my parent's house.  Cambria loves being here because it's like visiting our old home! Actually, it's exactly that.  But as I was perusing the internet on my parent's computer I decided to look through the photo booth pictures, and after looking through them all I realized that I have to share a few. {most of them were taken on different days}


Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Brief Absence

My laptop is having some work done, and all we currently have to use is my friend's very old laptop that is crappy and slow.  (thanks Ashley!!!)
Sooooo I probably won't post much these next few days.  
New weekend is Cambria's birthday weekend so there will definitely be lots to post about once I get my laptop back!!
Until then!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ezra Amos, my FIVE(!!!) month old

Our sweet Ezra is 5 months already!? Really? 
I feel like he's still a new member of our family, but really, he's not anymore.
I'm proud to say that he's become quite the "mama's boy." 
I have a closeness with him that I never had with Cambria.  
I think it can be attributed to the fact that he's attached to my hip 24/7 and he's been an amazing eater since Day 1. 
We have lots of bonding time and I love every single second of it
I know I will always long for my nursing days when my children are older.  It's one of the things I treasure most about motherhood.
Speaking of which, he's started to refuse bottles...might be a problem...
I swear he's going to get a tooth any day.  He's been drooling like crazy and gnawing on anything he can get his hands on. 
Ezra smiles all the time and is generally a very happy baby, unless he needs a nappy or some milky in his tummy.
He still loves his big sister.  I think she's his favorite person.
And he still wakes up a few times a night.  I can't resist his sweet self, so I let him nurse and cuddle.  I'm going to stop giving of these days :) 
Please look at these pictures of little Ezzy-Pooh.

I hope E & C are weird like their mama.
 I'm sorry, but isn't he precious!??!
I am in love. 
And now enjoy this video of him excited in his jungle gym. 
Happy 5 months my beautiful son!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where I'm Happy

Some days I want to live a chic life in NYC. 
Eat at amazing restaurants. 
Ride the subway everywhere.
Experience all the creativity and life the city has to offer.

And then some days I want to live on a farm.
Have animals to take care of and love.
Create a garden that requires lots of hard work and sweat
Nothing but nature and wholesome living.

But then I realize that wherever I am in this life, if I'm with my family, I'm home, and I'm happy.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Talking Cam

she loved those geese in my grandpa's backyard, NY
Cambria's language has officially exploded.  Everyday she's saying new words and phrases like "right here"  or "go outside"  or "hummingbird" or "get off".  It's truly incredible the way the human brain works at this stage in development.  She will hear a phrase or a word that she's heard dozens of other times and one day it'll just click and instantly she'll say it and it will become a part of her vocabulary.  It oftentimes doesn't sound perfect and only me or Kyle can understand what she's saying, but I know she'll get better at that in time.  

The only thing that makes me sad about all this is that Cambria hardly ever uses her signs anymore. :(  I loved communicating with her through all her baby signs, but she doesn't really need to use them anymore when she can just verbally say eat, more, sleep, etc.  {I've heard parents say they don't do baby signs because it delays speech, but it's done nothing but benefit Cam}  It was fun watching Cambria reach her 1st year milestones, but I'm finding it more fascinating finally hearing her thoughts, opinions, and ideas come out of that head of hers.  And that little girl has OPINIONS.  She's able to say exactly what she does and does not want and sometimes it can be no fun for everyone. 

We'll be eating or driving and she'll just start talking about something that happened yesterday or something we're planning to do later that day.  And gosh that does girl have a memory! Currently she loves talking about the rainbow we saw while we were at Arlington, her birthday and how we're going to have cake, my parent's cat Riley and how he has a funny haircut, Ashley's dogs Noah and Gypsy, and doing yoga.  She used to call her pacifier "mama" and now she calls it "pacy", she used to call her blanket "dada" and now she calls it "blankie."  I guess it's all a part of growing up.  It's really just bitter sweet.  But I think my favorite part of her talking is getting to know her sense of humor.  She cracks us and herself up on a daily basis.  Boy oh boy we loooooooooooove her. 

Here's a video I took a few days ago.  In between loud smoothie slurps you can hear some of CamJam's talking.  

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I don't like referring to Kyle as my husband. 
And I DON'T like it when he calls me his wife.
I love him, I promise.  And I do take our wedding vows seriously. 
I think it's just that in this country a "husband" can mean something different to so many people, but really, it's just a title. 
And I guess I'm not into titles.
Not ALL people have the right to get married.
And I don't believe you have to be married to create a stable and loving home for your relationship or your children.
So I guess I feel sort of pretentious calling him my husband.
And I'm only 23, so it makes me feel old. 
He IS my husband, but to me he's MORE the father of my children and my best friend and companion for the last 7+ years. 
Good thing KYLE is my husband because HE doesn't care what I call him.
I love him dearly, and that's all that matters in both our books. 
{maybe when I'm 40 something it'll feel normal}

happy, and he wasn't even my husband yet ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Running

This year, we celebrated the 4th of July by doing the typical stuff, plus something new.  Since the 4th was on a Monday, our town had their fireworks celebration on Saturday the 2nd.  The festival was sorta lame and seemed, to put it nicely.  But we live in a small town in southeast GA so what can you expect?  Cambria LOVED the fireworks, and I just enjoyed watching her watch them.  Ever since that night she'll randomly say "fire-works BOOOOOOOM!!!" It's precious. 
trying to convince Cam to get her face painted...did not work
we love that boy.  yes, I'll say it 1000x
me and my man
they're big because they're the CUTEST COUPLE EVER
watching the fireworks
little sisters
Kyle's skills
On Sunday we headed up to Atlanta for a short visit with Ashley and Phillip.  We made the trip because Kyle, Ashley and myself participated in the 2011 Peachtree Road Race this year.  It's the world's largest 10k that Atlanta hosts each year on the 4th of July.  We ran through downtown Atlanta on Peachtree St.  It was an awesome run and there were so many people.   

Phillip's grandpa Grigory, the sweetest man
mama with her {3} babies

My stats according to my Nike+. Time 57'52" Pace 8'44" Distance 6.62mi.  I think the difference in distance has to do with where on the road I actually ran.
proud to be DONE
GRRRRR.  Btw, Ashley is about 18 weeks pregnant, GO HER!
the finish line. the people just didn't stop coming!
creeeeeeeeper in the background
The race was a total blast and I was so pumped up before and after.  I get such a "runners high" when I run in a race like that.  We hope to make it our new tradition every 4th!  My parent's came up and watched Ezra and Cambria and I was so thankful they did that for us.  Thanks mom and dad!! :) 

***Over 55,000 people participated in the race this year.  I came in at #9506! See here.****

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pool & Yoga

Today we went to the pool. 
I love this boy so much.
Cam Jam trying to escape.
Daddy and daughter.
Happy Girl
Just a floatin'

Ezra in his swimming trunks.  So cute!
And yesterday we did baby yoga with Casey. 
arms up high, touch the sky
side to side
baby back-bend
I love motherhood. It makes me feel alive.