Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ezra Amos, my FIVE(!!!) month old

Our sweet Ezra is 5 months already!? Really? 
I feel like he's still a new member of our family, but really, he's not anymore.
I'm proud to say that he's become quite the "mama's boy." 
I have a closeness with him that I never had with Cambria.  
I think it can be attributed to the fact that he's attached to my hip 24/7 and he's been an amazing eater since Day 1. 
We have lots of bonding time and I love every single second of it
I know I will always long for my nursing days when my children are older.  It's one of the things I treasure most about motherhood.
Speaking of which, he's started to refuse bottles...might be a problem...
I swear he's going to get a tooth any day.  He's been drooling like crazy and gnawing on anything he can get his hands on. 
Ezra smiles all the time and is generally a very happy baby, unless he needs a nappy or some milky in his tummy.
He still loves his big sister.  I think she's his favorite person.
And he still wakes up a few times a night.  I can't resist his sweet self, so I let him nurse and cuddle.  I'm going to stop giving of these days :) 
Please look at these pictures of little Ezzy-Pooh.

I hope E & C are weird like their mama.
 I'm sorry, but isn't he precious!??!
I am in love. 
And now enjoy this video of him excited in his jungle gym. 
Happy 5 months my beautiful son!


  1. First of all: LOVE. He's adorable and the pictures were great to see; the video made me laugh, too.

    Second: funny story. Andrew comes over and sits next to me and looks at my screen and says "I thought you sent that onesie to Brandie." I say "Yeah, I did." And he goes "Oh! That's not our kid!" and we cracked up laughing. They look so much alike :)

  2. Awwww what a sweet precious little bundle of boy! He's adorable and I just want to eat him upppppp!