Sunday, July 10, 2011


I don't like referring to Kyle as my husband. 
And I DON'T like it when he calls me his wife.
I love him, I promise.  And I do take our wedding vows seriously. 
I think it's just that in this country a "husband" can mean something different to so many people, but really, it's just a title. 
And I guess I'm not into titles.
Not ALL people have the right to get married.
And I don't believe you have to be married to create a stable and loving home for your relationship or your children.
So I guess I feel sort of pretentious calling him my husband.
And I'm only 23, so it makes me feel old. 
He IS my husband, but to me he's MORE the father of my children and my best friend and companion for the last 7+ years. 
Good thing KYLE is my husband because HE doesn't care what I call him.
I love him dearly, and that's all that matters in both our books. 
{maybe when I'm 40 something it'll feel normal}

happy, and he wasn't even my husband yet ;)

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