Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Running

This year, we celebrated the 4th of July by doing the typical stuff, plus something new.  Since the 4th was on a Monday, our town had their fireworks celebration on Saturday the 2nd.  The festival was sorta lame and seemed, to put it nicely.  But we live in a small town in southeast GA so what can you expect?  Cambria LOVED the fireworks, and I just enjoyed watching her watch them.  Ever since that night she'll randomly say "fire-works BOOOOOOOM!!!" It's precious. 
trying to convince Cam to get her face painted...did not work
we love that boy.  yes, I'll say it 1000x
me and my man
they're big because they're the CUTEST COUPLE EVER
watching the fireworks
little sisters
Kyle's skills
On Sunday we headed up to Atlanta for a short visit with Ashley and Phillip.  We made the trip because Kyle, Ashley and myself participated in the 2011 Peachtree Road Race this year.  It's the world's largest 10k that Atlanta hosts each year on the 4th of July.  We ran through downtown Atlanta on Peachtree St.  It was an awesome run and there were so many people.   

Phillip's grandpa Grigory, the sweetest man
mama with her {3} babies

My stats according to my Nike+. Time 57'52" Pace 8'44" Distance 6.62mi.  I think the difference in distance has to do with where on the road I actually ran.
proud to be DONE
GRRRRR.  Btw, Ashley is about 18 weeks pregnant, GO HER!
the finish line. the people just didn't stop coming!
creeeeeeeeper in the background
The race was a total blast and I was so pumped up before and after.  I get such a "runners high" when I run in a race like that.  We hope to make it our new tradition every 4th!  My parent's came up and watched Ezra and Cambria and I was so thankful they did that for us.  Thanks mom and dad!! :) 

***Over 55,000 people participated in the race this year.  I came in at #9506! See here.****

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