Thursday, July 14, 2011

Talking Cam

she loved those geese in my grandpa's backyard, NY
Cambria's language has officially exploded.  Everyday she's saying new words and phrases like "right here"  or "go outside"  or "hummingbird" or "get off".  It's truly incredible the way the human brain works at this stage in development.  She will hear a phrase or a word that she's heard dozens of other times and one day it'll just click and instantly she'll say it and it will become a part of her vocabulary.  It oftentimes doesn't sound perfect and only me or Kyle can understand what she's saying, but I know she'll get better at that in time.  

The only thing that makes me sad about all this is that Cambria hardly ever uses her signs anymore. :(  I loved communicating with her through all her baby signs, but she doesn't really need to use them anymore when she can just verbally say eat, more, sleep, etc.  {I've heard parents say they don't do baby signs because it delays speech, but it's done nothing but benefit Cam}  It was fun watching Cambria reach her 1st year milestones, but I'm finding it more fascinating finally hearing her thoughts, opinions, and ideas come out of that head of hers.  And that little girl has OPINIONS.  She's able to say exactly what she does and does not want and sometimes it can be no fun for everyone. 

We'll be eating or driving and she'll just start talking about something that happened yesterday or something we're planning to do later that day.  And gosh that does girl have a memory! Currently she loves talking about the rainbow we saw while we were at Arlington, her birthday and how we're going to have cake, my parent's cat Riley and how he has a funny haircut, Ashley's dogs Noah and Gypsy, and doing yoga.  She used to call her pacifier "mama" and now she calls it "pacy", she used to call her blanket "dada" and now she calls it "blankie."  I guess it's all a part of growing up.  It's really just bitter sweet.  But I think my favorite part of her talking is getting to know her sense of humor.  She cracks us and herself up on a daily basis.  Boy oh boy we loooooooooooove her. 

Here's a video I took a few days ago.  In between loud smoothie slurps you can hear some of CamJam's talking.  


  1. i love how she knows everyone's names. that is phenomenal

  2. I just need to know what was in that smoothie?? Cambria really enjoyed it:)

  3. I love how she says hummus and tofu haha