Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Happy Father's Day 

Super Dad 
Patient, kind, considerate, loving, joyful, hard-working, gentle, attentive.
I don't think there is much more I could ask for in a dad for my kids. 
As parents, I feel we balance each other out so well, and I am SO thankful our kids have both of us to learn from. 
They'll get their crazy from me and their smarts from you. :)
Thank you for all you do for our kids and our family. 

Dad, you were everything I needed in a dad growing up and now you are a great Grandpa to my kids. 
You've taught me a lot throughout the years and I've always known how much you love me and our family. 
I know the kids will never forget fishing with Grandpa. :) 

Father's Day 2014 

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