Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two years

Yesterday Kyle and I celebrated two years of marriage!

Two years seems like so long ago. We only had Cambria, we were just graduating from school, and we were in the process of moving to Richmond Hill.  Lots has happened since May 30, 2010. 

Yesterday started out normal until Kyle surprised me with flowers at the Mommy Bootcamp class I do at Forsyth Park.  It was such a genuinely nice thing for him to do and I had to try and hold back a few tears.  Kyle can be so sweet to me and I really appreciate it when he does special things like that. We got some pizza at Your Pie for lunch and it was delicious. 

Little did Kyle know, I had a surprise in the works for him as well.  I asked one of his friends/co-workers Jason to take us on a short airplane ride.  Jason flies planes as a hobby and he's a nice guy so I figured he wouldn't mind, which he didn't. :) After leaving the kids with Mimi, I texted Kyle right as he was leaving work to meet me at the address of where the plane was.  He was so surprised to see me and Jason there waiting for him.  We took a short flight around Savannah and got to see downtown and Tybee.  I'm not a huge airplane person so I was a nervous wreck the entire time and asked a million stupid questions.  Let's just say I breathed a huge sigh of relief once we were back on land.  Jason was an excellent pilot and I was so appreciative that he did this for us. 
getting the plane ready
checking things out inside
just before takeoff
right after we got in the air. i love that you can see the plane's shadow in this picture
Kyle's view
Downtown Savannah
me, secretly freaking out on the inside
Kyle having a blast
it was a tight squeeze, but still very comfortable
Tybee, the pier
pilot + his passengers
after the flight
the boys
After the flight, we got dinner at Leoci's.  This too was an amazing meal, definitely recommend it.
I got Kyle two ties as well
So overall the day was perfect and Kyle and I both enjoyed celebrating it together.  I'm so happy to be experiencing life with such a kind, patient and understanding person. I love you Kyle! <3

And just for fun, here's the wedding slideshow from our wedding.

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  1. I just love reading your blog! =) You two are adorable. Congrats on a happy two years!