Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kyle is 27!

Last Tuesday Kyle turned 27! It's crazy to think that the first birthday I celebrated with him was his 17th. A lot of things have changed since then! I try and make birthdays special for the people I love, and I think his birthday turned out to be a lovely day. Kyle left work early, so we ventured out to Forsyth Park for a few hours followed by dinner at Molly's and then finally, cake.
We left him some doughnuts, a balloon and a Starbucks gift card so he'd have a surprise when he left for work in the morning. 
While he was at work, I baked his birthday cake. Chocolate fudge brownie cake, choclate chip cookie dogh icing with cookie dough bites baked inside. YUM!
Time for some presents!
birthday boy<3
Forsyth Park

C and E were there as well, but didn't end in any pictures for some reason.. :) 


Happy Birthday Kyle!!!
I hope we made you feel special and loved <3

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