Monday, February 24, 2014

Cambria's special day

Since we have three kids, sometimes it's hard to give them each the individual attention we would love to give.  I make a conscious effort to connect with each of them and stay in tuned with their needs and wants, but honestly, it's a challenge. So we decided to begin a tradition of having a "special day" for each of them every so often. Just a day to remind them that they are special and loved. Cambria's day was first.  She's the only one who, at this point, really cares about this new idea anyway.

A few weeks ago we saw a commercial for an Alice in Wonderland ballet production coming to Savannah and we knew she would love to go. My mom watched the boys and we ended having a wonderful evening downtown. Dinner at Vinnie's, a little shopping at Anthropologie, and then the ballet. I could feel the happiness radiating from her. I think she loved being alone with Mommy and Daddy and having our undivided attention.

she ate most of that gigantic piece!
so so good!

excited about some new, pretty bowls

Cheshire cat on the wall 

constant dancing afterwards
the night ended with a final race to the car
It was a lovely night with our special girl. 

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