Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ezra's 3rd Birthday!

On Sunday our precious Ezra turned 3. My children's birthdays are so special for me because I was the one who birthed them and I love to reflect on that day each year when it comes around.  Ezra has been an absolute joy these past three years and I cannot wait to experience more of life with him. Since he's a pretty laid-back guy he had no desire for a "party" (yay!) and instead wanted to go to Oatland Island and then eat at Fishtales. So, that's what we did. 

Very much into superheroes currently :)
birthday teepee! 

listening for the ocean <3

the only family picture from the day

sweet face, Cambria :)
Ezra chatting it up with the tortoise named Ezra 
always with a stick

with his favorite friend Roman

group picture

so pretty!
he was close to tears while we sang happy birthday, it was precious

Ezra's 3rd birthday was so much fun. It was the perfect day for the perfect little boy. Words cannot express how much I love and cherish him. He is affectionate and both quiet and energetic, the perfect personality. I love him so. 

Happy 3rd Birthday my beautiful Ezra Amos!

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