Sunday, July 22, 2012

Going to the movies!

A few weeks ago we finally took Cambria for her first movie theater experience. We've been talking about doing it for forever so we were all excited to finally go! To say Cambria was excited is an understatement. The girl let out several high-pitched shrills before we left the house and in the car on the way there.  And when we got to the theater she was overwhelmed by everything: the posters, the treats, the lights, the seats, the "big, huge tv" and the people in the theater with us. But honestly, I think she was most excited about getting popcorn and coke :) This was the only time in Cambria's life that we've  purchased a coke and allowed her to drink more than just a sip or two, it was a HUGE treat. We saw Brave and thought it was fantastic.  I've had several people ask if it was too scary/inappropriate, but it was fine for Cambria and she actually liked the "scary" parts.
"Daddy, is that it?!"
The sight of the theater was enough to make Cambria scream again.  She was thrilled to be seeing the movie and I think she was also happy about spending one-on-one time with us. 
popcorn AND coke!
 On the drive home Cambria had a pee-attack so she HAD to stop at Wendys to use the bathroom. Kyle surprised me with a frosty and we all sat in the front together enjoying it.  Another treat! Taking Cambria to the movies made me realize two things: 1) spending time with my children individually is and always will be important and 2) experiencing  joyous and exciting life moments with my child really is just as fun as being the kid yourself.


  1. Love this! There is nothing like the pure joy and excitement of first-time life experiences as a child. And it is fun to experience them all over again as a parent!

  2. i love that you let her have a coke and go all out. that's so awesome

    1. You have to indulge every once in a while :)