Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GT game and Zoo Atlanta

This past weekend we made a trip up to Atlanta to visit family, see Georgia Tech play some football and to check out Zoo Atlanta. It was a busy weekend that left us all tired, but still happy for the experiences.  I have been taking NO pictures lately so I made a point to capture a few moments this weekend.
playing with Raya while destroying her house at the same time  :)
pretty girl
Ramblin' Wreck!
And just for fun, here's a picture of the same thing last year.

 Cambria was SO EXCITED to be at the game.
Ezra was mostly awe-struck by everything happening around him.
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We got to sit by Erin & Erin!!
Ezra fell in love with Buzz! Cambria would not go near him...once again.
Sunday we headed to Zoo Atlanta with our free tickets from the library. All you have to do is check out a DVD about the zoo from any public library in Georgia, watch it, return it, and the librarian will give you a free pass for two adults and two kids! Pretty awesome! It would've cost us like 50 bucks if we'd had to pay!!!
We could've watched the gorillas all day.
We were so happy Amber tagged along.
Cambria read the map and gave us directions :)
The whole gang, minus me.
Playing at the park within the zoo. Nice belly shot in this one.
It was an awesome weekend. I'm so thankful Ashley and Phillip put up with us! We'll be back in a few weeks for another exciting weekend!

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