Tuesday, January 29, 2013

4 weeks

It's hard to believe it's already been 4 weeks since Avett's birth. Just as it was with Cambria and Ezra, the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. Diaper changes, nursing, hormones, milk everywhere, pee and poop everywhere, meals, crying, baths, lack of sleep, etc etc etc. My life right now is KIDS. All the time, every waking moment.  I thought I didn't have enough time to get things done with just two, but holy crap I had no idea.  Everyone has had to do a bit of adjusting but I feel like I'm starting to find a new routine with the three of them. 

Although the transition has been difficult at times, Avett has not been hard to care for.  He really is an easy baby to please.  For example, last night I only had to wake twice to feed him! Pretty great for a newborn. Because I tend to forget things over time I want to write down a few things about him: 

He loves loves loves to be worn! The Ergo and Moby have both been lifesavers for me these past few weeks. He falls instantly asleep when in them. 

He has a head full of the most beautiful light brown/sandy blonde hair and I LOVE it. 

He's only been bathed twice. Yea. I like to wait at least a week before bathing our newborns. They aren't bathed at the birth center and I think it's healthy for them and their skin to keep the bathing to a minimum in the beginning. 

Of course he doesn't look like me. My mom and Kyle both have said they think he looks like Kyle's brother Chris and most people also say he looks just like Cambria did as a newborn. I guess we'll have to wait and see as his looks develop more. 

Although we've already named him, I have STILL been wondering if it's the right name for him. I think I have a problem. :)

He doesn't seem to mind being in his car seat at all. One night when my mom had the older two, Kyle and I took Avett to Target with us and realized when we got there we had forgotten a baby carrier, a stroller and a diaper bag. Avett ended up just sleeping soundly in his car seat the entire time.

Although he sleeps well at night, around 5 or 6 most nights he starts to become a little restless and makes noises for an hour or so. I've been playing white noise for him the past few nights when he does it and I think it helps him get back to sleep. 

He already rolled over! Last night he rolled over in front of me and Kyle three times! I guess my boys are just early rollers. 

Although he loves to be worn, he also seems to have an independent side. Oftentimes when I'm holding him he's squirmy and uncomfortable, but when I lay him down on the bed or on a blanket he is fine and will go to sleep. 

Nursing has been going well. I developed mastitis around day 10 of his life, but it quickly cleared up with the help of some antibiotics. Avett has a habit of latching on, sucking until my milk lets down and then breaking the latch.  This little habit of his = milk EVERYWHERE.  I have an abundance of milk so I've already frozen almost 30 3-4oz bags of milk! Wooooooo! 

I LOVE him so much! I thought he was a girl my entire pregnancy and was shocked when he came out a boy but it now feels perfect. I'm so happy to be a mother to two boys and a girl! 

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