Friday, November 8, 2013


Every day I am so SO happy to spend my days with my children. Every day has difficult moments in which I have to remind myself why I am doing what I am doing and why it is valuable. Every day I look at my children and feel so in love with them. Every day I feel sad when I realize how much time has passed since each one first entered our lives. Fours years, two years, and ten months is not long for someone who has adult children, but to me it is significant. Truly, where does the time go? I wake up with a mixture of happiness and sadness. Happy for a new day to spend living out my current passion, but sad that another day has come and gone. I worry that my time with my children will end quicker than I am expecting. I fear it, but I'm glad the thought is always present in my mind. I think living without an awareness of your own mortality is worse. But I've come to realize the only way to overpower that fear is to live more fully. My children are heathy and thriving and growing each day and that is awesome. Every day I want to cherish my time, my life, and all the goodness I have to be thankful for. I have much to be thankful for.
LOVE. {especially to the one behind the camera}

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  1. love this. this photo, your smile- when I saw it, i thought "that is the perfect representation of how i feel when i am with my family". and the words you use? those are perfect, too.