Monday, October 3, 2011

This weekend

This weekend we...

Took a ride on the Savannah Slow Ride. 
 What is that you ask?
It's a bar, on wheels, powered by the pedaling of the passengers. 
Yes, it's as awesome and fun as that sounds.
We went with people from Kyle's work.
We made about 5 stops along the way and hit up a different bar at each stop.  
It was such a fun night. 
Our friends Miguel and Laura.
Kyle's work buddies.
Then on Friday Ezra ate breakfast in style. 
 Then the babies and I took a trip to Statesboro to visit Aunt Casey for the day.  
{Kyle painted our bathroom}
 We ate amazing pizza.
 Then took a dip in her apartment's pool.

Look!! Cambria kinda looks like me!

That night I took a picture of Ezra exactly like one we have of Cambria.

 And then on Saturday we went to the "pumpkin patch" at Gregory Park.
Cambria insisted on using her umbrella. 
Then we headed to Gulfstream's Family Day with my parents. 
We all ate and drank lots of junk. 
Cambria drank TWO {!!!!!} sprites. 
 We saw some animals.
  Ate more junk.
Took another one of these pictures.
  Went on a tour and saw some airplanes.
We rode rides.
 Love this picture!
 Then we came home and ate pizza and pancakes for dinner.

On Sunday I ran 18 {!!!!!!!!!!!} miles
Kyle ran his 7 {go Kyle!}
And then we did things around the house and went to Carrabbas for dinner.  

It was a good weekend!
Hope yours was too.

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  1. Sounds super fun!! I love weekends like that :)