Monday, October 31, 2011

trick-or-treating dis year

Halloween 2011
Holidays make it easy to compare how things were different in years passed.
Last year we only had one kid outta the womb.
She looked like this...

And we had one kid in da womb.
He looked like this...

This year those kids looked like this...

We had a Tangled, a.k.a. Rapunzel. 
{despite all attempts to convince her to be something other than a princess}

And we had a doggy...

We've been talking about this day forever and it didn't disappoint.
Well, for Cambria anyway.
Ezra was kinda tired and miserable towards then end...
Of course, Cambria only wanted Casey to take her to the doors.

 We had a bit of a mob for just one trick-or-treater.

 Cambria made out with waaaaay too much candy which Kyle and I will probably end up eating.

 And Ezra was a good sport, like always.

 And some of us actually did get to take Cambria up to a few houses. 
{you so can't tell my mom and I are related in this one..}

 And Mimi!

And we did get a family pic in front of our home. 

I made Cambria's wig using this tutorial
It takes waaaay more time that you would think and it's reeeeally hard keeping the yarn from getting...tangled. haha 
Tonight I concluded that watching your own child run from house to house in excitement is lots more fun than being a kid yourself. 
Happy Halloween :) 


  1. So cute!! I LOVE those costumes!! :)

  2. i love cam's rapunzel costume. maybe next year she'll want to be something other than a princess (although... there is sooo not anything wrong with being one of those ;])