Thursday, November 3, 2011

Right Now

Amanda from SouleMama had this list on her blog a few days ago and I wanted to do one myself.  I figure it's a quick way to document life at this moment.

Right now, I am...
:: marveling the beautiful trail full of nature and animals within walking distance from my house.
:: tired from a lack of sleep every single night for the last 8.5 months.
:: laughing at the spunky little things Cambria says everyday like "Ezra, you in big trouble"
:: overwhelmed with the thought of running 26.2 miles in less than 48 hours. 
:: pleasantly surprised by how excited I am to be running 26.2 miles in less than 48 hours..I know many of you are thinking I'm crazy, but I swear, running long distances is exhilarating.
:: wondering if Baby Dash will be a boy or a girl. 
:: grateful to be able to stay home with my children every day.  What a blessing!
:: hearing the nightly routine of our washing machine on our cloth diaper cycle.
:: going to start getting enough sleep at of these days....
:: planning to start knocking some things off my crafting "to-do" list.
:: digging O, The Oprah Magazine.  I've had the subscription for a few months, but am just now starting to read every article.  Lots of inspiration in those things!! 
:: creating Rapunzel hair, banner for a birthday party and onsies for a new little one! 
:: listening to my "running" playlist on my Ipod, packed full of songs that pump me up.
:: saying something out of anger to your child that you later regret makes you feel very crummy.
:: inspired by all the many blogs I follow and all the projects I {someday} want to do.
:: happy to live so close to family, even if I sometimes feel stuck living somewhere that doesn't "suit" us.
:: delighted to have left our server a 50% tip at Carrabbas tonight.
:: waiting for Thanksgiving to come and pass so we can get a Christmas Tree.
:: being ever conscious that tomorrow is never promised. 

one of my favorite pictures of me and CammyB

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