Wednesday, November 16, 2011

9 months

Ezra Amos is 9 months old today.
Watches every move Cambria makes.
Likes to throw food off his tray.  
Uses his pacifier sparingly, in the car and at sleepy time.
Takes a bath about every other day.  Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he HATES it.
Moves all over this house! He's a fast little crawler.
Has 7 or 8 teeth...I've lost count.
Weighs right at 20 lbs.
Goes with the flow, such a laid back guy.
Sleeps in his own room now, still in his pack n' play though.
Dislikes most fruits. 
Wakes at least 3 times per night, yes, I'm going insane.
Thinks magazines are for ripping and eating. 
Eats a banana almost every morning. 
Cries when someone takes him from my arms.
Laughs when his sister tickles him, sings to him or plays with him.
Poops toooooo much. 
Loves nursing all through the night.
Communicates more and more each day. 
Finds every little speck of anything on our floor. 
Begins each morning with a smile.
Brings joy to us all.

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  1. Awww, I love my nephew so much! Such a sweet post.