Friday, December 30, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas has come and gone. 
Ours was full of family, food and presents.  
On Christmas Eve we did what we've been doing for years- 7:30 mass then a party at Kyle's Dad's house.
This was my first time ever not spending Christmas Eve with my family. 
It mad me a little sad, but it's nice starting new traditions with my own children. 
On Christmas morning we opened gifts from Santa, then opend gifts at my parent's, and then opened even more gifts at Grandpa Finnegan's.  
Looooooots of presents. 
Which got Kyle and I talking about how next year we aren't doing presents...but more on that later. 
All in all it was a lovely weekend. 
And I hope all of yours were as well! 
Now for some pictures.
Ezra slept the entire time on Chrsitmas Eve, hence he's not in any pictures. 
He looked suuuuuuper cute too.  Oh well. 

Congdons + Finnegans + Dashevskys 
Cambria's wanna-be parents 
Raya Love 
Leaving cookies, milk, carrots and a note for Santa. 
Santa came! 
Ezzy on Christmas morning in his ho-ho-hos 
We had lots of people over who wanted to watch Cam and Ez open presents from Santa. 
A new tea set made from recycled milk jugs.
Raya and the snowmen. {im sure my silly mother is the one who took this} :) 
Happy holidays to everyone! 

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  1. I'll have to steal some of your family pics from the party...none of mine turned out! And yes, I believe Mommy is probably the culprit behind the snowmen picture :)