Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today at the Library

Today we went to storytime at the Pine Oak Library behind Target.
This library is so new and modern, it's 100x better than our tiny library in Richmond Hill. 
We technically can't check out books because we don't live in Chatham County, but we can attend events!
Every Tuesday they have an awesome lady read books and sing songs with the kids. 
Tuesdays are especially for ages 0-2 and I love it because we're all in the same boat trying to play and listen with our wiggly-don't-want-to-sit-still toddlers.  
And the class is extremely interactive and fast-paced so it makes it so much easier.
Another reason I like it..it's FREE!
We can't make it every week, but when we do both Cambria and Ezra really enjoy it. 
Amber is in town this week so she came along. 
Cambria just looooooved having her there.
twins for the day, not intentional.  Oh and Cambria's outfit is 100% thrifted, cost about $3!
so happy to have amber there :)
playing with my keys...always
a little bit of dancing after the books
we were gettin' our groove on too
everyone gets a coloring sheet after, one of cambria's favorite parts
reading a book afterwards
the library is amazing, there's a huge TREE!! in the children's section, how cool is that!!
This picture wasn't taken at the library but I think it's so precious so I had to include it.  Kyle and I are leaving for a wedding in Texas (yay Kirsten!!!) on Friday so we've been giving Ezra a bottle to practice..makes me sad. :(
:D for books and libraries and storytime
 After the library, Amber and her boyfriend Mateus took Cambria to the mall. 
she.had.a.blast. Thanks Ambs!! :)

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