Wednesday, August 1, 2012

3 years old

I love this girl so much.
Three years have passed since she came into the world. 
It's almost as if my life is broken into two parts: before August 1, 2009 and after.
Nothing can prepare you for having a baby, that's for sure.
And nothing can prepare you for the incredible experience of watching that baby grow into a person and begin to learn, think, and perceive the world for themselves. 
The two little beings I get the pleasure of spending my days with amaze me
I really find their questions, observations, and personalities to be just remarkable.
Cambria is Ezra's best friend and partner in crime. 
She brings so much joy, laughter, happiness, and yes, sometimes stress to each person in our family.
And our family is made more perfect with her in it.

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet and beautiful Cambria Sky!

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