Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cambria Sky's Princess Birthday

This year Cambria decided she wanted a princess birthday.  I never would've thought I'd be alright with throwing a princess birthday party, but it's what Cambria's into right now so we've all embraced our inner princess for her. ;) Her party was low-key {per request from the birthday girl} and included family and a few close friends. At first she wanted to invite only 3 or 4 people to her party, but she slowly came around and started "inviting" everyone else, myself included. 

Cambria wanted balloons and flowers at her party.
Birthday mantle.
Food and pom-poms.
More foodies with princesses on the table too.  Big shout out to my mom and mother-in-law Sibyl for helping with the food!
The princess getting into her Cinderella dress.
Princess Sophia came!
And princess Raya!
They argued for about 10 minutes about who had the cutest princess outfit.
Cambria's best friend and boyfriend, Roman. I was told there was secret kissing going on when they thought on one was watching.
Some of the party guests.
Casey and Raya.
Amber and Ezra.  Ezra was thinking "I just woke up and why the heck are all these people here??"
Cambria's loot.
Opening presents.
Lots of them...
A princess rainbow cake, just what Cambria wanted.
Make a wish!
Inside of the cake. 
Aunt Katelyn and the birthday princess.
"Get in my belly, cake!"
Kisses for Ray-Ray.
We took the party outside for a photo shoot.

Our whole family on my side minus Phillip.

My loves.
It wouldn't be a party unless we took a sister picture.
Daddy got a princess hug from Cambria Sky.
Happy happy birthday to the most amazing birthday princess! 
We love you pootie #1 :)


  1. Adorable!! I especially love your family picture where Cambria is holding the stick. Too cute!

  2. nothing wrong with wanting to be a princess ;)