Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Halloween this year turned out to be the funnest yet! Both Cambria and Ezra were totally aware of what was happening and they both had adorable costumes. Initially Cambria wanted to be Cinderella.  I wasn't very excited about the idea, but who am I to try and convince a 3 year old to change her mind about who she wants to be for Halloween.  But one night we started looking at costumes online and when she saw a Dorothy costume she immediately changed her mind. I was so excited! Ezra would say he wanted to be a "bad bird" (angry birds), a pumpkin, a yellow bird, and a lion.  We ultimately decided he didn't care much either way and went with being the lion from the Wizard of Oz so their costumes would go together.

We talked about Halloween for weeks and weeks leading up to the actual event so when it was finally here we were all ready to trick-or-treat. Cambria had everything for her costume including red slippers and even Toto in a basket!  She also got a little makeup which she LOVED. We were thinking Ezra wouldn't put on his costume since he never wanted to try it on when it came in the mail, but Halloween day he had absolutely no problem.

The only downfall to this Halloween--I didn't make their costumes. I WILL be making their costumes in years to come. It's one of those motherhood things I just really want to do.

We started the day at storytime and all the kids got to wear their costumes. So fun! We had a costume parade and then each child received treats. Needless to say, both Cambria and Ezra sat still and quiet for a solid ten minutes devouring their treats.  
First of lots and lots of candy.
Hug for little brother
Finally 6 o'clock arrived and it was time to start trick-or-treating! Cambria was extremely preoccupied with all the candy coming her way so I had a hard time getting good pictures of her.
Best friends.
Beautiful Dorothy with makeup and all.
One of the only decent shots I got of the two of them together.
Cambria didn't want to be in our family picture.
First house.  Ezra's very first time ever.
Mom and Casey.
Ezra being admired by his Mimi and Grandma.
Cambria is already dreaming about what she wants to be next year. :)
Check out Halloween 2011.

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  1. i can't wait to see what she decides to be next year! i was always a little devil or a hippie or a belly dancer... i never was a princess. HOW LAME. you think i would have been one, knowing me... :)