Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ezra's 2nd Birthday

Ezra's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we decided to make the entire day a celebration!  After waking up to balloons and decorations, we headed off to the Savannah Children's Museum. We had an awesome time with family and friends playing despite the "cold" weather.  It was only in the upper 40's, but the wind was brutal.  Once we all got reeeeeally cold, we found some shelter to enjoy a few cupcakes and presents before heading home as it started raining.

We came home, Ezra napped, and we prepared things for a little family birthday party for him. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and the cousin came over that evening to celebrate. We enjoyed food, opened presents, and ate some strawberry Spiderman cake. Of course I have pictures to share....!

Birthday door! 

First glimpse of the birthday boy. 

This is a huge model train exhibit that the kids really enjoy. Raya looks cold already :) 

Searching for the trains.

My cutie two year old <3 
I made his ribbon by painting a 2 on a wooden star, gluing the ribbon on the back, then attaching a pin. I love how it turned out!

Ezra with some of the attending peeps.

Dressing up as a birthday donkey!

Enjoying cupcakes with his friends and family.

He loves all his aunts so much.

Family picture -Cambria.

Dylan, Ezra, and Mia eating cupcakes. 

I had a little photo session with him while he was eating.

 The Dashevskys.

 The banner I made for him. 

Party guests mingling.  

 Kyle decorated the cake while Cambria helped by licking the frosting. 

Ashley and Ezra had what looks to be a very serious conversation. ;) 

Opening presents in his new chair from Grandma and Grandpa. 

At some point Cambria told Ezra he should have a Spiderman cake...and so he did! 
Props to Kyle on the decorating skills. 

"Whoa, FIRE!"  

Blowing out his candles. 
After it was over he said "I want to do it again!" So we did. 

We ended the day playing with all his new stuff. 

Overall I think it was a great day for Ezra. 
He was a happy 2 year old little boy for sure.
I love you sweet son! 

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