Thursday, August 22, 2013

10 things today

These are 10 things I know today.

1 When you discuss and follow the moon phases on a daily basis full moon time becomes VERY exciting. The moon is amazing and beautiful.

2 Children learn constantly. You could "teach" them nothing and they would learn, it's innate.

3 My days are busy and exhausting, but they fly by. The days are long short and the years are short. Remember this always. Like how is he this big and adorable?

4  You can have fun with play dough at any age.

5 Contrary to my previous feelings, the beach is a good time.

6 My dad loves to fish and has passed that joy to my children. 

7 You gotta do what ya gotta do. Like nurse your baby in the middle of Kroger while your other children take pictures of you and chew on bags of frozen vegetables. 

8 Cooking with helpers is more stress AND more fun.

9 Summer 2013 has been the summer of rain. It has literally rained almost every day. I love rain so I cannot complain.

10 Whole foods is a great addition to the city of Savannah.

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