Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy 4th birthday Cambria!

Today you turned 4. 
The day you were born seems like so long ago yet I cannot wrap my head around the idea that you are now FOUR YEARS OLD. 
In the last four years you have learned so much about the world and I have learned so much from you. 
You made me a mother, that is so special to me. 
Today you can count, read, draw, color, paint, play, write, sing, dance, imagine, love, kiss, laugh, jump, and run, among many other things. 
Today you are shy, observant, talkative, intelligent, spunky, beautiful, and kind.
You have ideas and thoughts that are truly amazing. 
You have challenged me from the moment you were born and I think it will never stop, I love this fact.  
You bring an immeasurable amount of joy and life to this family and I am thankful for your presence every single day. 
You are my sweet, precious Cambria Sky and I will love you forever. 
Happy birthday my princess ballerina! 
You dipped your toes in the ocean today because that's how you wanted to spend your day <3

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