Monday, January 26, 2015

Avett turns 2

Well, another year has come and gone and Mr. AP is now TWO years old! 
Current likes: eating, Olaf who he affectionally calls Bubble, anything Thomas or train related, nursing, sleeping with Mama, his blankie, swinging, reading board books, playing and trying to keep up with his big brother and sister, taking baths, climbing into his carseat from the front of the car, building legos with Ezra, being a transformer with Ezra, and being worn. 
Avett is an absolute joy to each member of the family. 
His kisses and hugs are in high demand and he really has captured all of our hearts these last two years.
He was a late walker (15 months) and talker, but has just recently gone through a big leap in the talking department. He probably has around 50 words in his vocabulary at this point.
I really wanted to keep his birthday celebration small so I didn't have to stress and we could just focus on enjoying him on his birthday.

Since Avett's birthday falls on January 1st, on a holiday and around Christmas,  I saw this idea on Pinterest and already love the tradition. 
A birthday tree! 

Birthday boy opening his first present. 

Avett doing his birthday thing and Cambria doing her Cambria thing to Ezra. :)


Enjoying Hardee's for breakfast. 

More unwrapping. 

Reading his new book all about bellybuttons and birth. 
It's definitely a new favorite. 

His birthday banner. 

We decided to spend the day downtown for some park time and some Zunzi's.

The whole birthday crew.

Checking out the new playground at Forsyth with Grandma. The new park is AWESOME!

Cute Amber and Mateus. 

Sliding to Grandpa!

He took a little break for some lemonade. 

Mr. Birthday Boy

The whole family. <3

My precious Avett. 

More gifts!

He was a pro at blowing out his candles. 

Enjoying his salted caramel layer cake.

Perfect way to end the day, a hug from brother Ezra. 

Happiest of birthday to you Avett Patrick!
Can't wait to see what the 2's have in store for you!!

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