Friday, May 22, 2015


My thoughts on children and learning:

Children need free time to learn things on their own and to explore their surroundings. 
Children need time in nature. 
Children are naturally curious and inquisitive.
Children need space and independence.
Instruction is not necessary for learning to occur. 
Learning should be fun. 
In the appropriate time and setting, learning will happen seamlessly.
It is easy to learn things you have interest in. 
Learning is not confined to certain hours of the day or days of the week.
When children are going about their day doing normal things, they are learning.
Tests are not necessary to measure learning.
Children should have a voice in deciding what they want to learn. 
Learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and in any situation. 
Playing IS learning.
Play is essential.
Given a rich and stimulating environment, children will learn every day.

When people ask me "So, why DO you homeschool?" it's hard to answer. It feels deeply personal to me and depending on the person asking, it usually makes me feel uncomfortable. For me, it's much easier to talk about what I DO believe about learning and life and children, rather than trying to explain why I don't send my children to school. I think taking that approach helps to keep things positive  For us, homeschooling was a natural extension of the way we have been parenting since becoming parents. It is deeply rooted in the way we live and the ideas we stand behind. I read recently that one of the biggest misconceptions about homeschooling it that the schooling happens at home. This is a huge truth for us. Every time we step foot out of our front door, I view it as a new adventure and a new opportunity for learning, growth, and exploration. Learning and living life as a family is what we do best.

We value creativity and art.


Sometimes homeschoolers even get to ride on school buses. 


Whole Foods tour with other homeschoolers. 

The one who is never afraid to touch something a little scary.

One of our favorite places, the library. 

Working on some math. 

Bird watching.

We plan to reevaluate things each year and with each child. We have no long-term plans for homeschooling, but hope to always remain open to whatever works best for our family as we grow and change over time. 


  1. Said very well :) every child and family is different and only YOU know what is right for your family! Kiddos are so big!! <3 ~ Marybeth

  2. Brandie,

    This is one of my favorite blog post:) I thought like this all through the years of raising you girls, but I never had the confidence to do what you are doing. You are such a good mom<3 You are going to look back on these years and just smile:)