Saturday, November 20, 2010

House Update

Even though the title of this post promises an update on our current buying-of-a-house-situation, there isn't much to update. 
There has to no progress. 
About a week ago we found out that the seller's bank screwed up a few things and our offer has been sitting on someone's desk doing nothing since we put it in about 2 months ago. 
Baby, coming soon, freak out!
It's pretty stinky and we are really starting to get antsy.
The only good thing about the whole situation is that we are able to just continue saving $$$$. 
Because we didn't have a "big wedding" and we both contributed almost nothing to our college households, we have almost none of the basic living essentials for a house.  
Sooooo, we are slowly trying to accumulate all the necessary items. 
Some will be new, some will be used.  
We have already found a used couch, 4-chair table, patio furniture, and a bookcase.  Yay! 
We are planning to venture out in the wee morning hours on Black Friday in hopes of finding some deals on appliances and a TV.
Our latest dilema has been trying to decide on a large dining room table for our formal dining room.
We have narrowed it down between two at World Market.

It's between this.......
Love the white legs and the bench.

That chair is so pretty!!

 And this....
Classic. This one is Kyle's choice.

Lots of texture. This one has a leaf which will make it longer.

They are both solid, beautiful tables. 
I think I am leaning toward the first one only because it is unique and I love the white!! 
I will probably have to do some convincing with Kyle if I want the first one.

Good: Cambria actually pet one of the horses by my parent's house today. 
Bad: I didn't change out of the shirt I wore to bed last night until I was getting ready for bed tonight.

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  1. I LOVE both tables! Great choices! I love your blog too! Hope yall have a great Thanksgiving!