Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Do you ever feel overwhelmingly happy with your life?
Like, you're just going about your day and you think, "this day is lovely, I love my family, I love what I'm doing, I have everything I want, why do I deserve this?!"

Does this happen to you?!?! 
It happens to me a lot. 
I think this is a good thing, right?
I never want to become complacent in life, but think that being happy with your current life experiences can only be a good thing.
When I experience this happiness it makes me so grateful for everything I have.
It makes me realize suddenly that life is short and everything could end tomorrow. 
That may be a depressing thought to most, but I like to think about my mortality often, I think it helps me to value my life more, now, before it's too late. 

Things I am grateful for:
Parents that allow me and my family to live in their house while I buy my own.
A spouse that works and makes money for our family which allows me to stay home to raise our child(ren). This is something I value more than anything in my life so far.
Fertility, which I value so much because I realize every person may not experience it. 
My healthy, beautiful 1-year old daughter and the growing baby in my belly.
My education and my degree. 
Parents, sisters, and friends I am able to love and share with.
The abundance of food and material things I have.  I really think I am extremely spoiled.
And finally, I am grateful for my husband Kyle and everything we have and do share together.  I am so lucky to have HIM as the father of my children.  He puts up with me and we still have fun together! 
August 1, 2009- The happiest day of my life.

I can only hope that everyone is able to find joy and happiness in life, no matter what they are dealing with. 

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