Thursday, October 28, 2010

A gorilla and a plastic pumpkin

Cambria FINALLY has a costume for Halloween.  After much debate and deliberation, it has been decided that she is going to be a CAT!!! Tonight we ventured into Savannah to find the necessary parts for her costume and found everything except a black onesie/leotard.  That's going to be tomorrow's mission.  But one thing we DID discover tonight is that Cammy is completely TERRIFIED of most everything Halloween.  She was very anxious the whole time we were in party city and even started crying at one point... This is making me weary of how trick-or-treating is going to be, but we'll see!  Here is my favorite picture from the day.... 
Yes, that is me, chasing Cambria down the candy aisle in Target, wearing a gorilla costume.  And yes, that is her trick-or-treating plastic pumpkin that she just LOVES.

I am excited for the festivities to begin!!! We're going to a pumpkin patch Friday, carving the pumpkins on Saturday, and taking Cam out for some candiessssss on Saturday. Tis going to be a good time.

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