Thursday, October 21, 2010

A new talent

Cambria has learned a new talent.  She was taught this great new talent by her Aunt Katie.  Well, she has been doing it ever since they hung out together for a little while one afternoon so I am giving Katie credit. 

Do you wanna know what it is?!?!?!? 

Cambria has learned the art of smiling for the camera...okay, so it's not really a talent, more of a copying of all us big people.  It's the cutest thing ever and even though I'm sure every kid does it at some point in their toddlerhood, I think Cambria's big smile is the best one yet.

See for yourself.... 
Smiling for the computer screen.
Chillin' in her car seat.
What a cutie in her pretty green dress.
Playing in the foam playground at the mallwhich Kyle and I have concluded is too 
                               dangerous...for now.
I can't get enough of this big toothy grin.
Man, that face makes me sooooooo excited to see what baby (girl) #2 will look like.  No, we aren't finding out the sex, but I am convinced this little one is a girl too.  If it's not, I will freak, but I'm pretty darn sure it is.  I guess we'll have to wait and seeeee!!!

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