Saturday, October 9, 2010

Changes, changes

We have a few exciting things happening with our little Finnegan family.

1- We are currently transitioning from a family of 3 to a family of 4!!!!! Yep, we're expecting another little muffin on or around the 24th of February. The two childrens will be 18 months's going to be fuuuun! I'm excited :)

Taken on 9/17/10- 17 weeks 1 Day

2- Our first home is now under contract! We looked at lots of houses in Richmond Hill and the surrounding area, but we think we've found a match for us. It's a short-sale and is located on a huge lot WITH a lagoon in the backyard! The house is a definite investment and is located in a neighborhood Kyle and I would not be able to afford under normal circumstances. We're still in the beginning phases but hope to be in by....Christmas?!?!

The Kitchen and informal dining area.

The HUGE backyard!

Living Room+Poots+Gramps

3- Kyle surprised me with a trip to NYC! He came home from work one day and handed me the airplane tickets. I was shocked!!! What a sweetie I have!!! :D Our adventure will take place from Nov 11th-Nov 14th. Stay tuned for pictures.......!

4- NO progress has been made on Cambria's quilt. I have had all of the blocks done for about 2 of these days...

The blocks :)

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  1. Brandie,
    Don't feel bad, I have had two quilt tops sewn together for forever for my new nephews, and have yet to finish them. Boo!
    I love the fabric you picked for Cambria's quilt. It's beautiful! Maybe I can get my nephew's quilts done before they are a year old :)
    So glad to have found your blog, and am so excited for you guys and your house hunt! I hope you find they perfect home for your family.
    Hope to see you guys soon!
    Take Care