Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Thanksgiving Week
We had an exciting Thanksgiving holiday week filled with fun times with our lovely family. 
The Sunday before Thanksgiving we took a somewhat stressful walk with Cambria on a trail in Richmond Hill that I love. The trail was looking beautiful with all the fallen leaves, but Cam was being a tad bit difficult, which added just a little stress to the walk. 
Cambria off in the distance not wanting to walk or ride in her stroller. Just a liiiiiittle difficult. 

Riding on Kyle's shoulders wasn't as bad.

Pushing an empty stroller.  She did eventually get in and enjoy some of the walk.

On Tuesday, I finally made progress on Cam's scrapbook. It's so tedious and messy (especially with limited space), but once I get everything out and start working it's a lot of fun.  I got through two more months...March and April.  Yeah, I'm a little behind.  That night, I also baked some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies that I found on my friend Amanda's cute blog which she found here. When she posted the recipe, it looked sooooo delicious that I went out and got the ingredients right away.  They were very tasty!

The MESS created from my scrapbook stuff!!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

On Wednesday, Cam and I went to the mall with my mom and two younger sisters (Amber and Casey) in search of some lingerie for my older sister Ashley for her upcoming shower.  While we were there, Cambria got to ride on the Christmas train twice because BOTH Casey and my mom wanted to take her. She didn't mind. 
Riding with Aunt Casey.

Riding with Grandma. 
 We made it to Thanksgiving on Thursday and had a busy day spending quality time with both of our families.  
My family decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  This ended up being a WONDERFUL idea!!! The meal was perfect and there was no cooking or cleaning involved.  We plan to have a big Christmas dinner instead. I guess my parents didn't care about the picture.

Kyle's plate, hence the turkey.

Cambria just begged for sweat tea the whole time by doing this.

After lunch, we came back so I could make progress on Cambria's quilt....

...Kyle could research the best Black Friday deals....

...and Cam could take a nap.

We then went to Kyle's grandparent's house (Mema and Papa) but forgot to take pictures! :(  From there we headed to Kyle's Dad's house (Grandpa Finnegan).  He made a delicious meal that we all enjoyed!
After dinner Cam had a little meltdown on the rug.

And we had a small photo shoot. Kyle + me + Cam + baby being covered by Cam.

Aunt Katie, Mimi, Cambria, me, Katelyn, and Erin.

Then Uncle Chris came home from work, but we had to leave because Cambria decdied to poop for the 5th time that day and we were out of diapers. 

On Friday, we went out shopping later in the afternoon then swung by our friend Erin's house to see her, her boyfriend Kevin, and our friend Caitlin.  It was nice catching up with all of them because we hardly ever get to do it.  I didn't get any pictures with them but took this picture of Cambria while we were there.  She's wearing the embarrassing red socks because she started to get a blister in her new shoes.  She reminds me of Dora in this picture with her cute backpack.

Overall, we had a lovely few days leading up to Thanksgiving and a very nice Thanksgiving day.  I hope you all enjoyed the days with your loved ones too. Tomorrow I will post some pictures from our trip to Atlanta.  We met a very special person on the trip and I can't wait to post some pictures of her!!! Until then, I will share with you something I am very, very excited about......
In addition to a new fridge and TV, we also purchased these beautiful things on Black Friday!!! I have been admiring them for years and cannot believe we own a pair.  I feel so fortunate.  
Did I mention that buying a house is expensive??!?! :D 


  1. It looks like you had a very fun Thanksgiving week! Ours was very lowkey since I have major projects I am finishing up for school. Cam looks so cute in all of the pictures!

    I love the fabrics you are using for her quilt! It is going to be very cute!

  2. Thanks!! The quilt has been one of those ongoing projects that just never gets finished. I am hoping that one of these days I can finally post the finished product!!

  3. Dan and I love your new washer and dryer! I was like look what Brandie and Kyle got and we both went ooooo ahhhh! Also, I cannot believe how big Cambria is getting! I know I just saw you a couple of weeks ago, but she looks so big in the pictures! Maybe it's all that cute hair =)