Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Atlanta for the night

After our week of thanks, we headed off to the great city of Atlanta for my sister's lingerie shower.  ***She's getting married on January 8th!! I'm the maid (matron?) of honor, and I will be 33 weeks 2 days pregnant on the big day. Can't wait!***  It was a 1 night visit.  It's not always fun traveling a 4 hour trip with a little one (+ holiday traffic), but she's a trooper and wasn't even phased.  Ashley's college roommates threw the party for her and everything really turned out very nice
Some of the decorations. Kinda scandalous, I know. 
Ashley opening "the blank panther"
This was Cam's first lingerie party...
Dive bride?
Mommy, Ashley, me, Casey, Amba
Ashley with the owner/chef of the restaurant we ate at.  Henry's Louisiana Grill
The whole group outside the restaurant.
Ash with the three lovely hostesses.
Ash with my mom and Phillip's mom.
The next morning we puckered around the house for a few hours before heading off to meet my friend Ashley's brand new baby girl. 
 Ellie Watson
She was born November 15th.  I have been dying to meet this little person and was in heaven holding her for almost the entire two hours we were visiting. She's just darling!! She pooped and sneezed when I was holding her, precious.  I just wish her and mommy lived closer :/ 
In heaven holding her.  My belly was a nice support.

Trying to get Cambria to give her a kiss.


That's her mommy! Ashy Ashy

After her nap she woke up hungry, as most babies do :) 
After the visit, we headed over to the ice cream shop Bruster's. Amber just recently got a job there serving up some of my favorite ice cream. Her boss was bragging about how good of an employee she is, but we weren't surprised by that. :D After getting come ice cream, we loaded up the cars and made the long trip back to Savannah.  I miss so many things about Atlanta and realize it every time we visit. We're always sad to go, but it's nice being home in Savannah. 
Luckily someone was short enough for a free baby cone.


  1. I love your photos and stories, Brandie!

    & I think if you're married, it's "matron" :) I don't get all the conventions, but weddings and all the stuff before and after are lots of fun!

  2. Aww we wish we lived closer to you guys too! Ellie loved you guys :)

  3. Omg Ellie looks just like her mommy! So cute! I can't wait to meet her! I love your blog Brandie =) I look forward to a new post just so I can read it lol

  4. Ellie is so precious! She looks just like Ashley! What a fun visit! I had no idea your sister was getting married! Congrats to her!