Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Labor of LOVE

We are going to be getting another one of these in just a few short weeks. 
My heart is filled with joy and my eyes with tears thinking about giving birth to another child. 
Everything about a newborn baby is beautiful--there is no creature on this earth more precious. 
I want to breastfeed, kiss, snuggle, sing to, read to, bathe, and touch this wiggle worm that kicks me both day and night.
But on second thought, I am not looking forward to the labor that will bring this baby from my womb and into the world. 
This time around I know what's coming, I know exactly what to expect. 
I know how much pain I will experience and what kind of physical and mental strength is required to give birth naturally. 
Last time I didn't have this knowledge. 
After thinking hard about it, I'm not sure which is worse--the knowing or the not knowing. 
But because I have done it before, I know I am able to do it again. 
I know that my body is powerful and I am equipped with everything I need to push another 8 pound little person out of me. 
I will remember to trim my nails this time in order to prevent injury to a certain someone's hand.
And I will try and remember that as soon as I mutter the words "I cannot do this" or "I really think I am going to die", that's when we will be verrrrrrrry close to meeting our newest addition.
And when I am told that "we can see the head!" or "the baby is right there!!" I will remember that I am NOT being lied to, those people are telling the truth 
And because mother nature is so kind, I know that as soon as I see my baby, the pains of labor will be a distant memory. 
Truly, that's how quickly you forget how bad it was.
The very day I gave birth to my daughter I wanted to have another baby.  That's powerful love.


  1. I keep telling everyone who asks (because, as you know, after you have one, that's inevitably the first question people ask, no matter how young your baby) that I'm not planning on having another one ANY time soon. After reading this however, with my precious newborn laying in my lap, you make me want to have another baby right now! It's such a wonderful experience and SO worth it! I'm so excited for you. :) :)

  2. Except, they did lie to me about seeing the head.. an hour of pushing later, she arrived. Haha