Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My girl

Laughing behind her mittens. Beautiful fall afternoon outside.

Cambria Sky

This little girl consumes my life.  Quite literally. 
She likes: 
dogs, cats, cows, ducks, horses, birds, or any other animal she sees in a book or in real-life
greek yogurt 
fruit of any kind 
playing outside
being tickled 
looking at pictures of herself and family on the computer 
Baby Einstein videos 
ANY type of pasta, especially if she's really hungry 
walking the dogs 
pushing and riding in her little red car 
giving kisses and hugs 
her blankie
mama and dada
calling dada at work
reading the same books over and over and over again 
getting a bath...most of the time
eating a banana everyday
playing with cell phones 
living with Grandma, Grandpa, Casey, Midas, Novia, and Chlo Chlo
hearing anyone sing the itsy bitsy spider song
using a spoon 
climbing up stairs 

The only sad thing about this list is that it is drastically different from one I would have made a year ago and one that I might make next year on this day.  Here's to living in the moment and appreciating all the precious days I get to spend with Cambria now.  Our life will be changing soon, for the better of course, but I know I will always cherish the time we share together now with "just the two of us"

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  1. Awe! That picture is wayyy to precious! Adorable post too! You are such a good mom!