Monday, December 20, 2010

Music Love

Cambria goes to music class every Wednesday morning at a retirement home in our community.
We get to meet a bunch of friendly little old people every week.  We both love that.
I wanted to find something that would be engaging and fun and the class has been both those things. 
In my opinion, music is the perfect reason for a bunch of babies to come together to interact, learn, and socialize.
For those who know Cambria, it probably comes as a surprise to find out that even though she loves going, she can be the shy, skittish member of her class.   
She sometimes has to be convinced to participate in certain activities such as beating on a drum or playing with shakers.  
 There are two activities she WILL NOT do: swinging in the blanket and riding in the laundry basket. 
As her "mama", I don't like pressuring her to participate in a way that I (or others) think is "most appropriate" or "normal" and I try to just let her do her own thing when we're there.  
Either way, we both enjoy it and I really think the class has strengthened her marvelous 16-month-old musical skills.  
Really, sometimes she claps with the rhythm when we listen to songs, that's impressive.
My younger sister Amber was home last week and was able to come to class with us.  She got some cute pictures I wanted to share. 
All smiles.

Last week, her teacher made a Maypole out of the colorful scarves we usually play with.

Amber was an awesome guest to have join us!  We love her.

Cambria dancing. 
She's a groovin' little girl.   She reminds me of Forrest Gump dancing like Elvis in the first one. 
EVERY DAY I find myself questioning the things I am doing with her and whether or not our daily activities are meaningful, fun, engaging, exciting, or worthwhile. 
Music class is all those things--whew, I can rest assured she's loving life for a whole 45 minutes each week :) 

Free dance time to the Skidamarink.

Good today: I made pesto alfredo sauce pasta with broccoli and spinach for dinner.  Candy cane mint chocolate fudge for dessert.  And I found out I DON'T have gestational diabetes! Woooooo!!!
Bad today: I found out my iron is low (no surprise here) and I have to start taking those nasty red iron pills 3 times a day.  Grossssssss. 

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