Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas around these parts was fun.  
It was convenient that we already live with my parents because everyone came to us and we were right at home. 
We enjoyed time with family, ate some tasty food, and stressed down to the last minute getting gifts ready for everyone.  
It brings me so much joy giving special and thoughtful gifts to our families, but this year we really tried to keep a budget so that our spending wouldn't get out of control.  Kyle's love for Dave Ramsey = we make budgets.
Sometimes I wish there was no gift exchanging associated with Christmas, it kinda puts a damper on things.  Too much consumerism!!! Am I the only person who thinks this? 
Because I was feeling a bit anti-gifts this year, Kyle and I decided to buy requested items for needy kids in our community through a program going on at the YMCA.  We decided to spend the same amount on Cambria as we did on the kids, but I have to admit that buying the presents for the kids gave me a much greater sense of satisfaction.  I couldn't help getting teary-eyed and excited thinking about the gifts being open up on Christmas morning by kids who probably don't get new toys or crayons or whatever else very often.  Giving really is better than receiving.  
Aside from all that, Cambria and Kyle and I really did receive some greats things.  We got lots of stuff for our house which is awesome!!!
We had a wonderful time celebrating and it's funny thinking about how different things were last year. Cam is now a year older (almost 17 months instead of 5) I am a little bigger (31 weeks pregnant instead of none) and Kyle is...well, he's still his same handsome self. 
Cambria last year, Christmas Eve 2009
The cutie pie this year, Christmas Eve 2010, pretty red shoes and all :)

Wearing her Ho Ho Hos.  Can you tell I love her?
She got her very own rocking chair, among many other things.

My daughter is smart and figured out how to eat the juices on her plate left from the fruit salad.  Christmas dinner.            

Day after Christmas in a Target dressing room. 31 weeks 3 days.

I made a few of these for gifts and for us to keep. I found the tutorial on one of my favorite blogs here. 
Kyle has off this whooooole week! We have a long to-do list so hopefully we can cross a few things off.  Today he took care of Cam most of the day and I felt like I had a day off.  I sure am a lucky girl to have a man like that. 
I'll leave you with this adorable video of Cambria in her beautiful new hat from her Aunt Ashley.  Her laugh is irresistible. 

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