Sunday, January 29, 2012


Midas Be-Good Congdon

August 27th, 1997 - January 26th, 2012
{14 and a half years old!} 

Midas was the best dog. 
He should've been a lap dog because that boy loved hugs, kisses, pets, and attention more than anything.   
He truly was a sweet being, even in his old age blind years.
We've always said that he never had a single mean bone in his body. 
We got his mom Shannon in 1994 so Thursday brought an end to a very long era in our family.  
18 years actually. 
Only true dog lovers can understand the deep love that you can have for a dog.  
Midas was a member of our family who will always be missed, just like his mom.

I'll love you forever Middy Moe!


  1. I was just ready to get off the computer and head to bed, but I thought I'll just check Brandie and Ashley's blog for any updates... and there was our Midas.:( You're right Brandie, you have to have a true love for dogs (and cats) to understand how deep the love can go.

    I'm missing my Midas:( :( :( :(

  2. What a wonderful thing a "blog" is. Thanks, Brandie.


    P.S. Jan 26th. :-) Love you, so, so much.

    1. Oh thanks for catching that Dad! We all know I'm bad with dates :) And yes, my blog is a great way to document important things that happen in our lives. Love you too!