Thursday, January 5, 2012

Visitors from Utah

Over the holidays, my friend Johanna + her family came into town from Utah to visit some family here in Richmond Hill.  I went to high school with her husband Andrew and she and I swam together in middle school. Thanks to technology, we've reconnected over the last year or so, mostly through our blogs. Her blog is mainly about her family's life in Utah and her son Seeley who was born just two weeks before Ezra.  I've seen so many pictures of Seeley since he was born and I was thrilled to finally meet him in person.  I always looked up to Johanna as a friend who was unique, independent, and years ahead of the rest of my peers.  She's still that same person today and it was an absolute joy seeing her and Andrew again! We met up at the park kind of spontaneously one day to let the babies play.  Ezra and Seeley were SOOOO much alike.  Not only are they at the same stage in development, but they also look similar.  Fair skin, blue eyes, hardly any hair.  They were even dressed the same--flannel shirts, khaki pants, and brown shoes. Weird!
heading out the door to pick up Cambria from Mimi's, then off to the park
investigating one another
slide action
digging for something really awesome to put in their mouths
two bald little boys, they could be twins in this picture!
the whole gang
When we have play dates the kids are always Cambria's age so it was really fun having an Ezra play date. The weather was cool and beautiful and I think the few hours we spent there wore all the kids out. We had such a great time with the Hillens.  Can't wait until they visit again!{or maybe when we visit Utah one day} :)

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  1. Wow! They really do look like twins! Glad they got to meet!