Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 little thoughts

1. Ezra loves turtles.  And anything else that moves, crawls, walks, flies, swims, drives, etc.  He is interested in the world around him in a way that's different than Cambria ever was.
he's also got some dirty feetsies.
 2. Don't ever buy this stuff.  I got it a while back to make some vegan carrot cupcakes and couldn't believe how nasty it was.  It wasn't bad in the frosting, but by itself it really tastes terrible.  Plus, I'd rather just eat butter and sugar than all the weird ingredients in this stuff. 

3. Ezra also loves getting into our recycling about 10 times a day.  The boy gets.into.EVERYTHING.

4.  We are officially in that weddings-all-the-time age group.  We've gotten 7 invites this year already! This one is for Erin & Kevin's wedding. So excited for them!!

5. Having one of these can really help you drink more water.  I take mine almost every time I leave the house and find myself filling it up several times a day.

6.  Cambria only wears dresses now.  A few months ago I started letting her pick out her own clothes and recently she's been picking only dresses. She likes to layer them with things that don't match and I love it! Easy way for her to be creative and to express herself.

7.  Buying pieces of clothing that I love has become important to me.  When I {hardly ever} shop I usually ONLY buy clothes on the sale rack and oftentimes settle for things that are the best deal regardless of whether I really love them or not. Recently though I've made a few purchases that aren't necessarily on sale but that I look and feel great in.  It's amazing what a cute dress or skirt can do for your self confidence.
The dress I wore to a wedding this past weekend. LOVE this dress!!  AND I went back to Express yesterday for a price adjustment and made 28 bucks!!! Woo!
8. Chia seeds are amazing.  Have you ever read about their nutritional benefits? I saw a big bag of them at the Savannah Food Co-op and decided to try them on a whim.  A little research later and I'm going to start putting them on everything! Someone else really loves them too...

9. Target got new buggies.  It was a very exciting day.

 10. My children love to dance. Here's proof. 


  1. I love your parenting style! U r such a great mom! Those chia seeds r great..we have them as well n i have actually gave Gracie some

    1. Thank you Carmen! You're so sweet to say that. We NEED to have a play date soon :) And yes, those seeds are so so good for you!!!

  2. I was just as excited as the kids when i saw the buggies at target :)