Sunday, April 15, 2012

Making Colors

Recently I discovered an extremely fun way for Cambria to explore and learn more about colors. 
All you need: food coloring + water!
It can get a bit messy, so I just have her in clothes I don't care about or I just strip her down. 
{But actually Cambria loves being naked so usually I don't have to do anything}
I fill a bunch of small glass bowls with water and let her go at it. 
 We can make primary colors or mix the primary colors to make new colors.
Cambria loves learning new things so seeing two colors make one is an absolute thrill for her.
Plus she just loves being able to squeeze and play with something that seems like it should be off limits.
Perfect way to teach light, medium and dark.
Her favorite thing to do {and mine} is to make a rainbow.
Of course.

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  1. Fun! I can't wait until Elodie is a little older & we can do fun things like this!!