Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Change of Heart and a Change in Name

Sometimes, in order to make the right decision you have to make the wrong decision first to know what the right answer really is.  This is exactly what has happened along our journey in trying to find the right name for our son.  I love the name River for so many reasons.  Rivers have personal significance for Kyle and I because we lived next to one in our first apartment together during Cambria's first 9 months of life.  We were also married at a place called Hidden River right on the bank of a river which is likely the day our son was conceived.  Rivers are beautiful, strong, powerful and majestic.  We really, really love the name.  But since we named our son two days ago, we have come to the realization that it was not the right choice.  Just in the mere 48 hours since we began calling him River I have gotten to know him better and just feel in my heart that it was not meant for him.  It's almost as if the more we get to know him and bond with him, we realize it's just not right. 

Maybe it was due to the fact that we didn't already have a name picked out for him before his birth date.  
Maybe it's his sweet, easy-going disposition that I have fallen in love with that has changed our minds.  
Maybe it's the fact that our lives since he was born 5 days ago have been made busy and hectic with taking care of two kids, moving and the selling of our car.
I don't know exactly why, but we have decided to change our son's name--I know, it's a crazy thing to do at the ripe age of 5 days old. His now new and true name was our other option when we were making our final decision and we now feel that it is the right one for him. 
His middle name is still Amos which is also Kyle's maternal grandfather's name.  
Luckily, we only filled out our paperwork on Friday and it almost certainly has not even begun being processed yet--(one of the many perks of delivering at the birthing center).  

This little guy is a sweetie.  Everyone kept telling me that I got lucky with Cambria and that my second baby would most certainly not be as "easy" as she was.  Well, so far, he has been just as precious and delightful as Cambria.  He does cry a bit more and is more demanding with his feedings, but both these things don't bother me in the least because they were reasons I worried about Cam. 

So, for the second time, I would like to introduce our son.... 
 Ezra Amos Finnegan
  We are so in love with him already and can't wait to watch him grow.     


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Ezra!!! Yay!!!!! =)

  2. Anyone who meets this little guy will fall in love with him!!!!

    I love Ezra and Cambria Finnegan!!

  3. Now I see where you got the name River... BUT he does look like an Ezra. He is adorable. So glad I got to meet the little man this weekend! <3

  4. I love the name.... I am so very happy for both of you, not to mention Ezra's grandparetns. There's nothing more precious than a child! Love you guys. God Bless.

    PS Brandie, did you get my inbox? after reading some of your blogs I thought you might find it interesting.

    Aunt Jackie

  5. I loved the name River when u posted it, the name was different, I too love the name Ezra, also different, and prob would have loved any name that the two of you would have picked!! Ezra is a beatiful handsome little guy, What a wonderful Blessing!!I think in this picture he looks more like his Daddy , congrats to the both of you!! also give my congrats to grandma and grandpa!! Im sure grandpa and Ezra and daddy will feel out numbered but also get a whole lotta love being the only males, Grandpa and grandma will sure enjoy shopping for boys stuff now!! Enjoy !!they sure do grow up fast!love ya Aunt Kat

  6. Ezra was my uncles name and he was a very,very nice person...C O N G R A T U L A T I O N !!!!!!!!